Evening Wear

*UPDATE* Please note we no longer have dresses available to order, our collection is listed with sizes below and now on sale. Please email us for information at info@ladyg.co.uk


Are you searching for the perfect prom or evening wear dress that will turn heads, spark joy, and become a cherished memory long after the night fades? Step inside our treasure trove and prepare to be captivated!

Let the journey begin with a click! Explore our photo gallery and lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of dresses that promise to make you the star of the night. From delicate lace bodices and flowing skirts to dazzling sequins and playful ruffles, there’s a dress waiting to ignite your confidence and unleash your inner radiance.

So let the music start and the lights dim! Step into our gallery, get inspired, and start planning your own fairytale story. We’re not just selling dresses, we’re selling confidence, memories, and the promise of an unforgettable night.